The Perth Rugby Business Network

Perth RBN Inaugural Event hosted by Robert Walters


From left to right, Carl Titchmarsh, Louis de Klerk, David Pusey, Ryan Hathrill and Gareth Lee-Bell

On Thursday 13th August, the RBN welcomed another chapter into the fold “Down Under”. Kindly hosted by Ryan Hathrill, WA director of Robert Walters in Australia, 20 or so hand-picked guests gathered in the Robert Walters Boardroom overlooking the Swan River in Perth’s CBD. Our guest Speaker was David Pusey, ex Brumbies, Munster and Western Force.

Admittedly, Perth has hosted an RBN event previously, which challenges the claim that this was our inaugural event. However, that was back in 2013 when the Lions were here.

The Perth RBN organising committee of Carl Titchmarsh, Louis de Klerk, Peter Biasin and Gareth Lee-Bell took up the challenge to get an RBN presence up and firing in Perth again.

Through leveraging local contacts, we were able to go from an initial committee meeting [the first time all four of us met, actually!] to the inaugural event in less than five weeks. This was only possible due to both our host and speaker stepping into the breach so willingly to support us.

The evening kicked off with a few cold beers as attendees gathered in the Robert Walters boardroom with a fantastic view of the Swan River.

New acquaintances were made and old ones renewed, based on common backgrounds, experience and more.

Our hand-picked guests comprised CFO’s, Chairmen of Companies, Directors, Investors, Recruiters, Regional Managers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Project Managers amongst others, all gathered from the Perth business community.

Combined, we represented the following World Rugby teams – Australia, South Africa, England and Scotland. We hope to make the remaining 16 teams over future events!

Following an introduction to our host and a thanks for the refreshments, Ryan provided a brief introduction to Robert Walters in Perth.

Attendees were then introduced to some history and the ethos of the RBN, namely “How can I help you?”

Of specific importance was to mention firstly our goal to arrange more events in the future (there is an event scheduled for September 14th already) and secondly, the All Blacks’ ‘No Dickheads’ rule on which we should aim to follow their lead. That, if not the rugby dominance…

Each one of the organising committee introduced themselves, after which we quickly moved onto the main event.

David Pusey was our speaker for the evening; a role he filled with aplomb. David’s introduction followed thus:

David enjoyed a long and successful career as a professional Rugby Union player with the ACT Brumbies, Munster and The Western Force.

David’s Wikipedia Page lists the above and indicates he is currently a Commercial helicopter pilot, but you will more than likely find him at Deloittes as Business Development Manager in the R&D tax incentive arena.

His playing career shaped a passion for supporting a culture where people achieve optimum performance, whilst ensuring their wellbeing and safety. Teamwork and customer relationships are core values in which he excels.

He has experience in leading and influencing groups as well as presenting and liaising with corporate sponsors and organisational representatives. An experienced presenter, David has delivered strategies to stakeholder groups and made regular media appearances. David has strong project management experience gained in previous roles, in particular the aviation industry and as a business owner.

David has a passion for ‘at risk children’ and gives his time and energy to multiple not-for-profit organisations.

David first covered some background for those who were unfamiliar with his playing career and then provided some excellent responses to a series of questions prepared by the organising committee, that delved deeper into his playing and professional background.

Dave ended off with a few questions and a bit of encouragement for the audience, mainly that wherever the opportunity might present itself to support young players through apprenticeships or work experience, they should seriously consider this as it can make a huge difference to the individuals.

We finished off with thanks to our host, our attendees and our speaker and reminders of the upcoming events and how guests might get involved.

What Next – Pre Rugby World Cup National Broadcast. Monday 14th September 4.30pm-6.30pm

The Australian Rugby Business Network first is going to conduct a live streamed broadcast to various venues all over Australia (ACT, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth , Gold Coast, Brisbane) from the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, 89 Macquarie St, Sydney. The panel will discuss the RWC in a Q@A format for 60 minutes.

Confirmed on the panel are ex-Wallabies Owen Finegan, Dan Vickerman and Brian Smith.

The Perth RBN will be hosting the Live Q&A on Monday 14th September at the Moon and Sixpence, 300 Murray Street, Perth WA, 6000. Doors open from 4:00 pm. Entry will be managed by Eventbrite invitations only.

Register for the event

How you can help

We are looking for volunteers, organising committee, events – speakers, hosts and venues. Contact your organising committee if you can help. Join the LinkedIn group for event updates.

2015-08-13 18.51.51

From left to right, the Robert Walters team with David Pusey – Tom Pragnell, David, Ryan Hathrill and Craig Youngson.


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