@David215Gower chatting with @MitchellGlenn and two Zimbabwe VIP guests

David Gower chatting with Glenn Mitchell and two Zimbabwe VIP guests

On behalf of Save African Rhino foundation don’t miss out on this great evening, their annual big fundraiser.

With 3 rhinos and 80 elephants being needlessly killed EVERY DAY, it’s groups like SARF who are keeping up the fight to preserve these species.

Seating plans are well underway so this is your last chance to grab a ticket or two, please.

  • Lovely food (non meat available), wines, beers.
  • Great international celebrity speaker plus two field guys from the ranger patrols.
  • Terrific array of auction items to help the rhinos –  bats signed by Hobbs, Bradman and Hammond, 2  lovely African safaris, Invincibles team signatures, guitars signed by McCartney, Sheeran and Midnight Oil, great  artwok, Brinkhaus  Jewellery, local holidays and cricket stuff.
  • Only 26 tickets remaining, we will arrange your seating.
  • Smart casual.

Please share on FB, thanks.

26 tickets, GOING, GOING ……….     Thank you, Nicholas.

P  +61 8 9444 6550   |   M  +61 417 937 655   |   F  +61 8 9444 6550

A  229 Oxford Street, Leederville, Western Australia 6007

nicholas@savefoundation.org.au   |   www.savefoundation.org.au

Winner of the 2009 Zimbabwe Council of Tourism Green Global 21 Award
for services to conservation and the environment.



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