Stop the mass extinction


I’ve just signed this urgent petition to stop the mass extinction of our wildlife — click the links in the email below to join me.

Scientists say we’re in the midst of the next great extinction, humanity is taking a chainsaw to the tree of life. But an ambitious new plan to protect 50% of our planet would heal our home, and governments are meeting right now to discuss the crisis. They will only deliver if they hear a giant chorus behind this plan. Add your name — before our Earth falls silent:

Sign the petition
Dear friends,

By 2020, two-thirds of wild animals will be gone. Life is being extinguished as fast as when the dinosaurs disappeared — and it’s happening because humanity is taking a chainsaw to the tree of life.

Unless we stop this tragedy, the Earth’s delicate biodiversity could completely collapse, leaving our planet deathly silent and uninhabitable for humans. But there’s hope – top scientists are backing an ambitious plan to put half our planet under protection and restore harmony with our home.

Governments are meeting right now to discuss how we address the crisis. If we bring a resounding chorus of human voices behind the 50% plan, we can push governments to stop the next mass extinction.

Join the global chorus, before the Earth falls silent

We’re testing the boundaries of our planet’s ability to sustain us and all life, but the biodiversity crisis still isn’t high on the political agenda! If enough of us engage now, we could change that. 

Scientists say our best chance to save our ecosystems and 80-90% of all species is giving them enough safe space to thrive, then nature uses its wisdom to regenerate. The 50% plan sounds ambitious, but in fact it’s totally viable, and likely the best way to sustain our intricate web of life.

But to get this off the ground we have to show our governments now that people overwhelmingly want to protect 50% from deforestation, dirty energy, and industrial fishing and agriculture. Let’s start today with a massive petition for 50%, and keep building the pressure until we win!

Join the global chorus, before the Earth falls silent

It is a great unwisdom of our species that we have become so disconnected from our natural world. But it’s not too late. We have the capacity to grow wiser. Our hope for change built this massive movement, and we won the Paris climate deal. We are within sight of protecting 50% of our planet. Let’s come together, lead, and restore the harmony between humans and our home.

With hope,

Iain, Lisa, Camille, Ana Sofia, Francesco, Alice and the rest of the Avaaz team


Could we set aside half the Earth for nature? (The Guardian)…

How do we achieve the goal? (Nature Needs Half)

Conservation: Glass half full (Nature)

Sixth Wildlife Mass Extinction May Happen in 2020, Experts Say (Nature World News)



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