Put your money on the line and reap the benefits #OwntheForce @westernforce – just like the players!

T​he Western Force players are willing to put their money on the line why not the sporting public in Perth?

Western Force players are so convinced the Super Rugby club has a future in WA they are buying into their own product.

​I am sure you have all seen the recent media around the plan to save the Western Force through an innovative ownership model to secure the Western Force Super Rugby team.

A copy of the article from The Australian newspaper and the Western Force announcement.

The Club is seeking expressions of interest from as many people as possible who would be prepared to invest $1,000 in a share of the Western Force, and to date the response has been very positive. While this doesn’t necessarily translate into money in the bank it is a fantastic start.

Please spread the message through your family, friends and contacts. We need as many expressions of interest as possible. As the article in the Australian indicates this proposal already has caught the ARU’s attention.

We need to go all out on this. It is a call to arms and YOU can play a vital role in running the ball for Western Australian rugby.

The link to express your interest is Own the Force

Signing up on the website is just an indication that you have an interest in keeping Rugby in WA. The prospectus to follow will allow you to make an informed decision to actually part with your hard earned money.

When the future of top level rugby in the state is at stake. Ask "Why Not, not why!?"

​Benefits ​​[ in my view ]

  • For the enjoyment of the best rugby tournament on the planet, on your doorstep!
  • ​Bringing International elite sportspeople to WA and exposing them and their countries to what we have to offer.
  • Did i mention international exposure – never mind national or regional. ​
  • Showcasing our talent pool in the state – to the country and the World [ Total audience of one billion viewed record-breaking Rugby World Cup ]
  • ​Providing a pathway to the highest level of rugby from juniors​

Be proud of what WA rugby can achieve, register and show your support.

​Or do nothing – you get to choose! ​


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