#OwnTheForce #SaveOurGame The future of the @Westernforce #SuperRugby

The future of the Western Force is under severe threat, and the local rugby community is in danger of losing our Super Rugby team here in Perth.

On Tuesday 15-November 2016 SANZAR, the controlling body of Super Rugby, is meeting to vote on whether to reduce Super Rugby teams to 16 and cut one team each from Australia and South Africa.

In order to send a very clear message to the ARU and SANZAR, the Western Force is asking as many people as possible to show their support for the Force by registering for a program called ‘Own the Force’.

While the intention of the program is to sell 5,000 ownership certificates at a value of $1,000 each, the initial registration is only to register your interest. And by getting as many people as possible to register then the Force can demonstrate to the ARU there is indeed a large ground swell of support for keeping the Western Force in Perth.

So, as a lover of rugby, I’m asking everyone in Perth, WA and the wider rugby community, to register their interest in keeping the Western Force in Perth by logging onto www.owntheforce.com.au and filling in your details.

Remember, you are only confirming you want to keep the Western Force playing Super Rugby in Perth. A prospectus will be sent to you at a later date and you can then choose at that stage to buy into the ownership plan.

This is urgent so please don’t say I’ll do it later. The Western Force want to have as many names as possible by next week, so do your bit to convince the ARU there is very real support for the Force in Perth.

Please register for the future of Super Rugby in Perth.


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