22nd January 2016

All the best in your recovery Oliver!


Today marks the 100th day since my Stem Cells were re-infused into my body. I then lay for 12 days waiting for them to ENGRAFT and to begin rebuilding my immune system which had been completely killed off with chemotherapy. I had no bone marrow and I was confined to isolation.
My immune system is slowly rebuilding itself, I am not in the clear but I now have part of an immune system to protect me from bugs and germs. They say that it can take at least 1 year for my immune system to recover completely.
The rebuilding process has been slow. So slow that I can’t see a difference from day-to-day or even week-to-week but if I look back to the day I was discharged from hospital there is a huge difference.
My energy levels have slowly begun to improve. In the beginning I would sleep till 11am…

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