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On behalf of the Fight for the Reef team

BREAKING: They’re the images we hoped wouldn’t come from Australia: bleached white corals

An underwater heatwave has been hitting many of the world’s coral reefs.

And right now we’re seeing the first signs that it may hit parts of the world’s most famous Reef, our Great Barrier Reef.

The hot water can cause coral bleaching. It’s a process that drains coral reefs of colour and beauty.

These shocking images were taken at Lizard Island, 220km north of Cairns, where last week the water temperatures climbed to levels that stressed sensitive corals, causing them to turn white.

Today we’ve received new photos that show the first signs of bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

And we know the cause. When you mine and burn fossil fuels, it causes global warming. Global warming causes the water to warm. When the water is too hot for too long, many corals will bleach.

That creates the condition for what we are seeing today. And it could get worse.

The Reef is on a knife edge. The weather conditions over the next few weeks are crucial. If temperatures stay high, we could see a severe mass bleaching event.

Right now, we need you to spread these images on social media…and tell your friends there are two things the Australian Government must do:

  • rapidly shift to clean renewable energy to take the heat off the Reef
  • slash farm pollution to give the Reef the clean water it needs to recover from coral bleaching.

The solutions are clear. By spreading the word, we can make a huge difference.

Now is not the time to be pushing ahead with new coal projects like the Abbot Point coal port expansion. Mining and burning more coal will add to global warming, which would mean more frequent and severe coral bleaching events like the one the Reef could be facing in the next few weeks.

We will keep you updated and let you know how you can help to make sure our politicians feel the heat and take the pressure off the Reef.


Imogen Zethoven

On behalf of the Fight for the Reef team

www.fightforthereef.org.au | twitter.com/fightforthereef

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