@Mick_Fanning introduces @pocockdavid on @ABCTV tonight http://www.abc.net.au/austory/ @SaveARF


Introduced by pro-surfer Mick Fanning

International rugby union star David Pocock is no ordinary sportsman.

At 27, he made headlines around the world for his stand-out performances with the Wallabies during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

But David Pocock’s road to success has not been easy.

Through sport and an obsessive determination, he overcame teenage emotional trauma after fleeing from Zimbabwe 15 years ago.

Later, major injuries threatened to end his rugby career, had he not fought just as obsessively to overcome every setback.

Now he’s directing his passion to social and environmental change in Australia and Africa – and is prepared to risk his rugby career for what he believes in.

In the concluding episode of this television exclusive, David Pocock, his partner Emma and his family reveal the inside story of one of Australia’s most remarkable contemporary sports stars.

David Is patron to the Save African Rhino Foundation
The wildlife scenes you’ll see tonight with Bryce, David and the rhinos will be similar to the adventures we experience on our ranger support trips, as below. So if this appeals to you please contact me for more details on the two trips

Rhino Ranger Support Scheme.
For a mere $6,500 (including a tax deductible portion of $3,000), you can help fund a ranger for a year and come with me for six glorious days in the African bush – elephants, rhinos, lions, plains game, ranger parades and all sorts of other interesting activities. Yes, this does include your return airfare!

We have two departure dates, 7 April and 6 May, and space is strictly limited.

Please contact me now for a bit more info and by all means ring 24/7 for a chat about it. It’s actually better than it sounds! And we can arrange a further 7 days of pure game viewing luxury at

Please check these sites out.

Nicholas Duncan

P +61 8 9444 6550 | M +61 417 937 655 | F +61 8 9444 6550

A 229 Oxford Street, Leederville, Western Australia 6007

nicholas | www.savefoundation.org.au

On Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Foundation-of-Australia/161074863924927


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