@Rugbiznetwork mention on #theforwardpass #Perth #Rugby podcast @heymanmurphy

Thanks to Conor and Eamon for the mention on their most recent podcast.

The Forward Pass Podcast:

If you are looking for some local Perth rugby updates [ with gossip from behind the bar thrown in for good measure ] and interviews with local rugby personalities then this is your pod.


They are now available on itunes – enter theforwardpass into the search bar.
Reach them at Theforwardpass@hotmail.com or find their facebook page The Forward Pass

In the above episode you will find

  • Tony Berson VP from Palmyra came and had a chat with us, and we learnt a little bit about how things get done South of the River.
  • We have a brief look at the changes to the Super Rugby format – still trying to get our heads around it.
  • We give our tips for the first round of Super Rugby kicking off this week, a quick 6 nations wrap and our place our weekly bets.
  • You will find the reference to the Perth Rugby Business Network between 19:35 to 21:03 minutes in the episode. See more information below and register for our next event on march 10th with Mark (Barty) Bartholomeusz.

Please join the LinkedIn groups below

Perth Rugby Business Network    – Bringing together the Rugby Business community in Perth

The Rugby Business Network      – The World’s largest business network for business people with a passion for rugby

More information

The Link below includes more details on our expanded organising committee.

The Perth Rugby Business Network are looking to grow in 2016 – Join us and get in touch

RBN Organising Committee 2016

  • Carl Titchmarsh – Project and Business manager, ex-British Army, Father, Springbok and Wallaby supporter
  • Louis de Klerk – Experienced financial services executive & Vice President of the WA Rugby Union Referees Association
  • Peter Biasin – Senior Leader in Banking and Finance while playing rugby in Perth with the Irish Expats
  • Cheyne Jowett – Environmental Advisor. World traveller. Melburnian.
  • Angeline Emery -Corporate Governance Professional. Well travelled Sandgroper and true rugby tragic

Previous events in 2015 

Event Report: Perth Rugby Business Network Inaugural Event 
Event review: Perth RBN – Pre-Rugby World Cup Meeting


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