Victoria Falls – making memories since before you were born! via @CaseyNeistat

I was introduced to Casey Neistat via a podcast by Tim Ferris – How Renegade Filmmaker Casey Neistat Breaks Rules, Reinvents Himself, and Gets Thanked For It – only a few weeks ago and have had a look through a few of his video’s.

Now firstly I can recommend this podcast as a fantastic gateway to some amazing people, from whom you will learn so much via the interview technique of the host – @tferriss.

And secondly, the reason for this post, check out the video below for a unique view of Victoria Falls. I have never been to the “Devil’s Pool”, however have spent many holiday trips on the Zimbabwe a side, from where you get a much better view of the whole falls, but not one as unique as this.

“the devils pool is located in Zambia. it’s super tricky to get to and much more dangerous than you’d think. it wouldn’t just be discouraged in the USA it would be downright illegal to swim in. the water levels play a big part the higher they are the more dangerous and at high season you can’t get near it but there are times when the water is lower than when we were there which one can only assume would’ve made is safer. it’s a special place”


If you require more of an endorsement of Casey’s work check out these clips with plus 15,000,000 views… million yes!

Make it Count – mentioned in the podcast above

Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat




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