First #Perth @Rugbiznetwork RBN Event for 2016 coming soon, in the mean time #SixNations and #SuperRugby begin shortly

Stay tuned for news of the First #Perth @Rugbiznetwork RBN Event for 2016 coming soon… in the mean time a recap of last year and a look ahead to the rugby this weekend onwards.


Six  Nations and SuperRugby!

In the Southern Hemisphere, specifically in Perth, there is a coolness in the air. Despite the forthcoming weekend weather tipping the scales at 40 degrees C, I can sense Autumn is around the corner. Having only been here for just over a year I know this to be a clear indication the Southern Hemisphere (SH) rugby season is soon to begin.

Despite the Northern Hemisphere (NH) competitions reaching their business end I have had only limited exposure to the travails up north of local and imported rugby  players vying for supremacy in the various competitions.

Fortunately this has been through the not insignificant skills of  the proponents of the The Eggchasers Rugby Podcast. (comprised of the skills of @Cocker @JBeardmore & Phil).

I confess now to having the image of Richard Ayoade in my head when I hear JB adding his polarizing views into the the mix and I shall keep it that way.

I was introduced to these lads when searching for rugby related Podcasts to listen to on my daily commute in Perth – a 33 Km (20.5 mile) journey that takes me approximately 45 mins for reference ex-Londoners – in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup. They have remained while others have fallen away… Listen in and enjoy the “banter” and honest rugby chat.

Special mention to Rugby World’s Clubhouse Podcast and Rugby tonight plus Green and Gold  who also remain in my playlists[ this is not comprehensive and all can be found via a search in Pocketcast / Itunes  along with other contenders]


As if sensing the subtle changes in weather here with still a month to go till SuperRugby begins the Six Nations has stepped into the breach and will keep us enthralled till then. Sadly the delayed viewing time in a timezone 8 hours behind mean early or late viewing or a highlights show if you can find one.  The Worldwide Broadcast schedule mean in Australia we are restricted to ESPN for highlights and BeIn Sports for Live coverage. Ah well at least I can watch a few clips on the BBC – here’s hoping.

While you prepare for this coming weekend get your head around this clip of the format for the new SuperRugby season to come.



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