Jonah Lomu: Back to South Africa @pensivy

Finally had the time, or the courage to watch this wonderful documentary.

It is no understatement to say that Jonah had an immesureable influence on the game of Rugby. What may be less well understood or appreciated is how humble, thoughtful and inspirational he was as a human being.

The respect between ex-players was so genuine. These were guys who were on the opposite team to one another, willing to rip one anothers heads off during the game, yet so appreciative of the opportunity they had to face off against the best in their position. Rugby can give you life long friendship, even with your sworn enemy.

Jonah spent time with many of the South African opposition from the ’95 World Cup. Most poignant was the time spent with Joost Van Der Westhuizen. The man who took Jonah’s legs out from under him is in now in a wheelchair. His J9 Foundation works to “educate the general public about Motor Neuron Disease and its devastating effects on both the patient and their families”.

James Small encapsulated best the mark that Jonah left. When catching up with Jonah he said “the biggest sadness in the history of rugby is that you did not get to play more rugby.”

Original Image Mirror 

The documentary is the work of 3W – What and Wonderful World.

I definitely needed courage to watch this……



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