Once in a lifetime trip with @pocockdavid to #Zimbabwe @SaveARF @AustralianStory #savethehino #Conservation

In support of the Save African Rhino Foundation. There has never been a better opportunity to spend time with these beautiful creatures in the company of, arguably, the best player of the Rugby World Cup 2015!

From Save the African Rhino Foundation

Just phone (nicholas@savefoundation.org.au) on +61 417 937 655 to find out more,  please.  Thanks. Be quick!

It’s for 6 nights, including 4 with David and Emma, and an extra one at the beginning and the end.  Please see the websites below for further details of the locations.  We are now including the economy return airfare as part of your package – amazing value for this rare treat.

Singita Pamushana

Sango Lodge

Be part of history!  ‘Australian Story’ will be filming David and Emma in Save Valley Conservancy and Malilangwe from 25-29 November, as they learn about the rhino situation there – this is our largest single project with $220,000 spent there in the last year.  This is an opportunity to mix with, arguably, the world’s best player, and sample some tremendous wildlife experiences for yourself, something that money can’t buy.  But it can! We are staying in accommodation that normally costs around $1,000 per day. There are three places available and I’m looking at offers around $9,000, including airfares,  for this luxury breakaway.

Depart Perth on SAA at 2340 on 23 November, arrive Harare at 0820 on 24th and drive straight to Save Valley Conservancy, staying at Sango ranch  http://www.sango-wildlife.com/sango-lodge/  for three nights and then one night at Singita Pamushana at the magnificent Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, Africa’s most successful breeding area http://singita.com/pamushana-lodge/   

This takes us to 29 November and the end of the David Pocock connection and you can now return home or extend your adventure.




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