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Helping the Zimbabwe Communities in Need

Posted: 22 Oct 2015 10:15 AM PDT

Post image for Helping the Zimbabwe Communities in Need

Image above taken from the Singita Pamushana website

When Zimbabwe faced a major drought in 2002, it left many children to suffer with malnutrition and its related illnesses that can cause death, cognitive development issues, and much more. Many children were dropping out of school as they were too weak to attend. This, in turn, has had massive consequences – both long and short term – on the local communities of Zimbabwe.

In an effort to help introduce clean water and nutritious meals into these local communities, Singita Pamushana (a stunning, luxury lodge in Zimbabwe), The Malilangwe Trust, and the government, partnered to create The Child Supplementary Feeding Programme.

Since it’s start in the early 2000s, the programme has been providing additional food to thousands of children in Zimbabwe communities. Specifically, children are provided with a soya-corn blend, which is rich in nutrients. This, in turn, allows children to lead healthier lives and attend school on a more regular basis, enriching the community in which they live.

In addition to participating in The Child Supplementary Feeding Programme, Singita Pamushana and The Malilangwe Trust also participate in supporting education programs and enterprise development in Zimbabwe.

Specifically, Singita Pamushana and The Malilangwe Trust participate in education initiatives by raising funds for and investing in infrastructure and suitable educational materials and teacher training. They also fund HIV / AIDS education for the youth to ensure optimal health in the local communities.

Singita and Malilangwe Trust also promote environmental awareness through various workshops and programs. They also offer “field trips” to stay at the Hakamela bush camp, where children learn about the importance of conservation within their communities and how they can contribute.

As for enterprise development initiatives, Singita and Malilangwe Trust have developed irrigation systems that enable communities in need to grow their own food and establish their own drinking water. In fact, their initiative helps approximately 10,000 people daily.

Are you interested in supporting their initiatives?

If so, visit http://singita.com/community/singita-pamushana-child-feeding-programme/ to learn how you can help and make a donation.


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