Building Jerusalem

I was watching the game at a Stag or Bucks breakfast – the rest of the day is a blur! Where were you….

The Odd-Shaped Balls

Do you remember where you were? I do.

I was at home, just got out of bed with a cup of coffee. I was too nervous to go out and meet friends. I was too nervous for a proper breakfast. At the end I was relieved. I’ve seen the end a million and one times since then but I’m always keen to see it again!

And so I headed to Leicester Square and the Empire Cinema for the opening, and only, night of Building Jerusalem. I was excited for the film, of course, but knowing that one of my friends and his company had been involved made it even more of an event – the bugger didn’t get me VIP passes, though!

The rugby fan in me made sure I was there early. I positioned myself outside the theatre early to try and catch the players arriving and was grateful…

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