The 31 by @redmanpe #RWC2015 #Eng

Some great insights considering the heavy coverage this squad selection has received.

Guess who this comment relates to….
“But he can do things neither of those four can, from either position. Do I understand why he’s not there? Absolutely. Would I have picked him? Absolutely.”

The Odd-Shaped Balls

And so, it was on a cold, wet and windy day in August that Stuart Lancaster made his bed. With the many overnight stories already leaked, one could argue that he was not even in it long enough to dirty up the sheets. The media murmured, but the formalities still remained.

Who was in? Who was getting ready to sit on the sofa and watch ITV attempt to not balls up another tournament? At least Cipriani won’t have to watch Glenn Hoddle give analysis whilst sitting on a Brazilian beach in short shorts…

So, here it is. Those in brackets are some of the players not in the 39 that was trimmed down and the comments that follow are my opinion. If you disagree, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


Who’s in: Jamie George, Rob Webber, Tom Youngs

Who’s not: Luke Cowan-Dickie, (Dylan Hartley)

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