17 Reasons Why You Must Take a Trip to Zimbabwe in Your Lifetime

17 Reasons Why You Must Take a Trip to Zimbabwe in Your Lifetime

by SANDY SALLE on AUGUST 6, 2015

Post image for 17 Reasons Why You Must Take a Trip to Zimbabwe in Your LifetimeZimbabwe is THE most beautiful and inspirational country in the world. I truly believe that. And yes, I might be a touch biased because I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, but many of my clients would agree: Zimbabwe’s sheer beauty, exotic wildlife, and warm people are unlike anything else on earth.

See below for just 17 reasons why you MUST take a trip to Zimbabwe in your lifetime:

  1. Witness one of the great 7 Natural Wonders of the World in person: The best (I told you I might be a little biased!) of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World is by far Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe! This stunning, 300-foot-high waterfall is arguably the greatest place to visit while on a Zimbabwe safari tour. The locals refer to Victoria Falls as Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning The Smoke that Thunders. The sheer size of Victoria Falls is awe-inspiring in and of itself, but the activities that can be experienced at Victoria Falls are also mind-blowing.

victoria falls

  1. Step outside of your comfort zone as you zipline across Victoria Falls: My kids have done it, and many of my clients have done it – ziplining across the great Victoria Falls. Feel the rush of adrenaline course through your body as you plunge down and across the thundering Victoria Falls. It truly is a rush like you’ve never experienced before!

victoria falls activities

  1. Listen to the wilderness in its PUREST form: There are not many places on earth where you can listen to the sounds of the wild without any shred of exterior noise (such as a distant airplane flying overhead, a generator powered up, or the hum of traffic). To me, the rich sounds of nature in Zimbabwe are the most beautiful orchestra I have ever heard. It transports me to a place of complete relaxation that I have never experienced elsewhere.
  1. Experience a traditional Zimbabwean meal in a local’s home: Aunt Flatter’s is a unique dining experience in Zimbabwe that invites discerning travelers into the home of a local woman (Aunt Flatter). Aunt Flatter brings you inside her kitchen for a traditional Zimbabwean meal where you gather around the table with friends and fellow travelers as you learn about Zimbabwe food and cooking techniques and enjoy tasty South African wines.

Zimbabwe culinary tours

  1. Taste incredible, 5-star cuisine on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River: Venture down the Zambezi River on an intimate sunset cruise and enjoy 5-star cuisine as you look out onto the riverbanks, spotting elephant, baboons, and hippos.
  1. Sip a glass of wine as you watch a herd of adult, adolescent, and baby elephant sip from a nearby watering hole: Many of the accommodations in Zimbabwe are built around watering holes where wildlife frequents throughout the days. As the sun sets, relax on your private veranda or head to the main lodge and enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail as you look out onto the Zimbabwean bush.


  1. Soak in a soothing bush bath as you watch a troop of giraffes pick at buds and branches from an acacia tree: Truly an experience unlike any other, enjoy a relaxing and private bubble bath on your private veranda as you look for animals passing by.
  1. Embark on one of the best safari tours in Africa: Zimbabwe is famous for its exceptional wildlife and game viewing. Not only can you witness the Big Five in Zimbabwe (which include lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo), but you can also witness other exotic African animals, including a variety of antelope species, stunning birds, hyena, cheetah, and much more.
  1. Sleep under one of the thickest blankets of stars you’ll ever see: There are very few places on earth where you can see the entire night sky light up with stars. Zimbabwe is one of them and the display is truly dazzling.
  1. Come face to face (within safe proximity, of course!) with one of the most feared apex predators in the world: The crocodile is an absolutely astonishing creature to witness in the wild. The anatomy of the crocodile makes them a ferocious predator. They are capable of feeding on animals as large as the Cape buffalo and, similar to birds, they have a 4-chambered heart that allows for highly oxygenated blood to pass through, enabling them to stay under water for up to two hours in extreme circumstances. Although crocodiles typically do not grow larger than 16 feet in length, there have been records of crocodiles reaching over 20 feet in length . . .
  1. Canoe amongst some of the world’s most spectacular animals: Picture this . . . A place where untouched landscapes span as far as the eye can see, where the only inhabitants are animals, and where a sense of calm and excitement simultaneously find a place within your mind, body, and soul. This is on Mana Pools Canoe Trail in Zimbabwe, and it is arguably the best place in the world to experience canoeing expeditions.
  1. Witness ancient rock art, dating back 100,000 years ago: In Matobo National Park, guests can experience some of the most astonishing rock art in the world and learn about the rich history of the land and how humans interacted with it thousands upon thousands of years ago.
  1. Sleep in luxurious tented camps with modern amenities and first-class service: Venture back to the time when David Livingstone first explored the vast, untouched wildernesses of Africa on a glamping trip to Zimbabwe. You’ll experience a spacious, high-end tented camp experience with modern amenities, en-suite bathrooms, and exceptional, personalized service. Not to mention, the cuisine at Zimbabwe’s tented accommodations is exquisite!
  1. See African wild dogs in their natural habitats: It is very rare to see African wild dogs. I know several people who have been to Africa more than once and have never had the privilege of seeing a pack of wild dogs – also known as painted wolves for their gorgeous coats.

wild dog

  1. Watch the circle of life right before your eyes: It is not uncommon to witness a kill while on Zimbabwe safari tours. Whether it’s a lion stalking its prey, a hyena stealing a fresh kill from a pack of wild dogs, or a leopard enjoying a recently killed impala in a tree (they actually bring their kill up trees and perch on a limb), you are bound to see the circle of life happen right before your eyes; truly something extraordinary that few in this world will ever witness.
  1. Give back to the local communities and wildlife – simply by taking a vacation: Many of Zimbabwe’s high-end accommodations utilize sustainable business practices that help give back to local communities. For example, many employ the locals so that they are bringing money back into their local economies. Also, many of these same properties have their own conservation foundations that a portion of your trip costs may go to, in order to help conserve the wildlife and natural surroundings.
  1. Experience a unique culture and interact with some of the world’s most friendly people:The people of Zimbabwe are some of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet. They are caring, helpful, and eager to share their culture and knowledge of Zimbabwe with others!

vic falls activity guide cta


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