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Saving the Survivors: Helping Rhinos Affected by Poaching Have a Second Chance

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Image above taken from the Project SAVING THE SURVIVORS website

Did you know that in 2013 poachers killed 1,004 rhinos? Even worse, in 2014, they killed 1,215. That’s a record high.

What is even crazier to think about is that in the 1970s, there were approximately 65,000 black rhino on earth. Today, only 4,000 live . . .

So, why does poaching exist? Asian markets are demanding rhino horn, which they use for traditional medicines, carvings, and trinkets. As the demand increases, so do the killings. Which reduces the amount of rhino left, which increases the market price dramatically. It’s a vicious cycle and if it’s not stopped, then there will be no more rhino left for our children and their children to see.

Of course, anti-poaching units are helping the plight of the rhino from becoming extinct, but there still have been more than 1,000 rhinos killed in the past two years. That’s what inspired the launch of Project SAVE THE SURVIVORS in 2012 – to tend to the needs of rhinos that have been wounded and left for dead by poachers. And SAVE THE SURVIVORS has estimated that, through their efforts, they will save approximately 80 – 120 animals per year.

In order for Project SAVE THE SURVIVORS to be able to perform their mission adequately, they require support from SAVA, the University of Petoria, as well as private individuals and companies. Each time they receive notice that a rhino has been wounded, snared, or left for dead, the Project SAVE THE SURVIVORS team races to the site along with their ultrasound machine, generator, radiographic machine, endoscope, and surgical instruments. This is a huge undertaking but essentially in order to reduce killings from poaching.

In an effort to help educate the world about conservation efforts and the plight of the rhino, Project SAVING THE SURVIVORS has partnered with Working for Wildlife to create the Creating Hope from Hurt education project. As Project SAVING THE SURVIVORS states, “Our free resource center provides educational topics to help school teachers, primary carers and extra curricular orgainsations bring conservation into the classroom and educate children about the importance of our rhinos.”

Their resource center includes eight modules with educational worksheets, interactive activities, puzzles, word searches, and more.

To learn more about supporting Project SAVE THE SURVIVORS, visit their website at

And stay up to date on the rhinos that Project SAVE THE SURVIVORS is saving by visiting their Facebook page at


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