A letter to my 24 year old self @CerealKillers13 @ProfTimNoakes

So much sage advice in one blog post:



By Donal Donal O’Neill – the Producer of Cereal Killers 1 & Cereal Killers 2.

My favourite extracts:

1. Find a mentor for your body. Trade brute force for knowledge of movement. Start now. Grab a book (there’s this thing called the internet but it ain’t around yet) by an old guy in great shape and awful white underpants. His name is Joseph Pilates. Joe knows that true power lies in posture, mobility and mindfulness. You need to learn this.

9. The more they demonize something, the more of it you probably should eat.
Eat more eggs!

11. Keep moving like a kid. Crawl. Walk. Swim. Climb the big tree in the garden at home any time you go to see the folks. Right to the top….

14. Don’t fear fat! Tear out that carb loading chapter in Lore of Running. Tim Noakes will eventually do it himself anyway!

Hope you find a favourite and follow it – you will be amazed by the change it brings…..



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