“I’m liking @pocockdavid right now” #QandA #LGBT

I include an extract below from an article regarding the unmistakeable rugby gifts David Pocock possesses, which I came across through my passion for the sport. However…..

The more important point to draw your attention towards would be the elements of the article highlighting David’s character. This is captured so well in his thoughtful, compassionate and human engagement as he speaks about homophobia and social media, and discusses marriage quality with John Alexander MP.

Equality means treating all humans on planet earth equally. In our daily lives, our words and our actions.

If you were only here for the rugby – see below*.

The article below is attributed to James Faccinto writing on behalf of Rugby Dump. 

*the comments above are my own and are in no way linked to the original author of the article below or the host site. Blah, blah…

I’m liking David Pocock right now.

This isn’t necessarily an unpopular opinion. It’s a fresh of breath air to see him back to his hard-tackling ways, just as it was entirely exciting to watch him rumble over for hat-tricks in consecutive games in Round 11 and 12.

But for me, the true thrill has been seeing him reclaim his position as the game’s foremost fetcher. Take at look some of these turnovers here:



The other thing you get with Pocock is character, personality, and conscience.

He knows that as an elite athlete his words will not fall upon deaf ears, and he has been vocal in raising awareness for the fights against climate change, environmental conservation, gender inequality, and homophobia.

He’s active on Twitter and Instagram, where he isn’t afraid to call people out for their insensitivities and/or douchebaggery.

And don’t think his activism is casual either.

The guy was arrested for protesting outside of a New South Wales coalmine for heck’s sake. He and his partner, Emma, have vowed not to marry until equal marriage rights are passed in Australia. The guy is a force for good.

And he doesn’t lose his sense of right and wrong during the game either:


Great player, great man.


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