Shaping identity: Seeing the world through our children’s eyes

I too belive my children will be “global citizens” with all this entails, and hope I can give them sufficient perspective to grasp this concept.

Conversation Zimbabwe

I first came to South Africa in 2003 to study. My husband, also a Zimbabwean, moved to South Africa around the same time I did. I chose to settle here immediately after I completed my studies – I just decided I was going to make a go of it! Unlike me, my husband did a short stint in Zimbabwe for a few years after varsity.

Since his return, we have been living together in South Africa for 9 years.

All our children were born in South Africa & they have only been to Zimbabwe once (that’s a story for another day.)

In 2008, when there were xenophobic attacks across South Africa, my eldest daughter was 2 years old – far too young appreciate what was happening. When the same violence erupted this year, she was 8. Again, I thought, too young to experience or fully understand the chaos.

For my…

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