You read my mind – “How the Operative could save Firefly”

Space Agent + Sword  = Winner
Space Agent + Sword = Winner
Original Article
This article considers the possiblity of a Spin off series for the Operative character form the movie Serenity. It’s like the read my mind…..
Why this would be awesome

If, for some bizarre and odd reason, you cannot see how a TV series based around The Operative would be the coolest thing on TV, please let me break it down with one easy list:

  • He is a highly skilled assassin who has left the government.
  • He will be forced to travel amongst the criminal elements of
  • backwater planets in order escape said government.
  • He will be completely on his own and have to discover a new identity for himself now that his illusions have been shattered.
  • He has pretty a damn cool sword
  • Did you read the line about him being a ‘Space Agent’? How is that not amazing?

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