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Announcing the launch of the 2015 MOONBOTS Challenge, an international competition sponsored by XPRIZE and Google that invites kids 8-17 to design, create and program their own lunar rover. This year’s MOONBOTS Challenge is offering an extraordinary Grand Prize: a trip to Japan to meet the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams competing for the $30 million prize purse to land a privately funded robot on the Moon. Learn More>>


Submissions are now open for Disney’s Create Tomorrowland – XPRIZE Challenge. Kids 8-17 are invited to imagine themselves in the future and report back to the world about one new and amazing invention or innovation, how it works, and its impact on the future via video, image, or story. Six winners will each get an amazing prize package! Submissions are due by May 17, 2015. Learn More>>


See what happens when Jack McBrayer, David Walton and Kulap Vilaysack stop by to help recruit teams for the $15M Global Learning XPRIZE in this “Funny Or Die” video exclusive. Watch Now>>


An estimated 70 million sharks are killed every year just for their fins. Tod Bensen, former Chairman of WildAid, talks about the global threat of overfishing our oceans and educating people about the brutal practice of shark finning. Watch Now>>


XPRIZE LOOP is the perfect way to support XPRIZE as we create and manage large-scale incentivized competitions that jump-start audacious change. As a member, your benefits will include event invitations, exclusive behind-the-scenes information and XPRIZE content. More importantly, it gives you the chance to be a part of the earth-shattering innovation XPRIZE is leading. Get in the LOOP today>>




Sony Mordechai is the Chairman & CEO of Global Eye Investments. GEI’s mission is to provide friendly capital for a better world while helping people and businesses reach their highest potential. He is also a tech entrepreneur and investor. In Sony’s words, ”My focus in life is to help people and organizations reach their highest potential. I truly believe that each one of us has a unique voice that if properly shared, Earth will become a much better place.”
Vice President, Alliances
This position contributes to XPRIZE by leading a team of development representatives to drive strategic development growth for both XPRIZE competitions and the sustainability of the Foundation.

Senior Director, Global Development
XPRIZE is seeking a seasoned Senior Director who will be responsible for successfully managing the execution and operation of the next India based XPRIZE competition and will manage a team of several staff members, contractors and partners.

Director, Alliances
The Director of Alliances will help XPRIZE produce and curate innovative fundraising mechanisms that could include events, memberships, annual giving campaigns, and other unique ways to engage individual donors, corporate partners, advisors, and partners.

Manager, Prize Operations
The XPRIZE Foundation is seeking a leader and experienced project manager to execute our next XPRIZE.

Technical Director, Adult Literacy Prize Operations
The XPRIZE Foundation is seeking a leader to direct educational aspects of prizes in the field of Education Technology, both in the Developing World and in the U.S.

Prize Administrator, Global Development
The XPRIZE Foundation seeks a Prize Administrator to support the organization’s activities in India.

Senior Director of Philanthropy, Alliances
This key position will be accountable for development and design of cross-platform/product sales strategies across both philanthropic giving and corporate sponsorships. The successful candidate will be directly responsible for meeting philanthropic sales goals and driving or supporting corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Senior Director, Adult Literacy Prize Operations
The Senior Director responsibilities include program management that involves leading large activity sets and work streams over multiple years to the final prize.

Project Manager, Marketing & Communications
The Project Manager position will be responsible for managing multiple marketing-related work streams.

Technical Director, Prize Operations
The XPRIZE Foundation is seeking a leader to direct all technical aspects of an upcoming prize in the field of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from stationary sources, also referred to as carbon emissions.

Associate, Prize Operations
The XPRIZE Foundation is seeking an Associate to assist in a broad range of areas and activities as they relate to our next active XPRIZE competition.

Executive Assistant, Prizes
The Executive Assistant, Prizes responsibility consists of administrative support for the day-to-day operations of the prizes department.

Looking for more stories about innovations and radical breakthroughs that can change the world? Check out XPRIZE on Flipboard. Download the Flipboard app for your mobile phone or tablet and begin following XPRIZE: Making the Impossible Possible today. More>>


Tech Company Launches App Competition
The Medical Technologies That Are Changing Health Care
‘Create Tomorrowland’ Contest Challenges Kids to Imagine a Better Future
The Tricorder is Here
‘Tomorrowland’ Contest Asks Kids to Look to the Future
The World is Waiting on the Tricorder. Will Doctors Also be Interested?
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