DEATH becomes him: Ode to Terry Pratchett

A wonderful tribute to a wonderful writer. His books always brought me back to reading when I had lost my way. They did it in such a way as to make me wonder why I had been wasting my time with anything else other than a Discworld novel in the first place. In fact – there would never be a better time to jump back in…. Thank you Terry Pratchett

Irresistibly Fish


For anyone who has been a fan of the wit and writing of Terry Pratchett, those words were a fitting pronouncement that he had passed on from life. Whenever words appeared in CAPS in the Discworld novels [of which there are 40] it signalled the arrival of Death, who was a beloved and often misunderstood character [and my personal favourite] who came to lead disenfranchised souls away from their bodies after physical death had taken place.

That tweet was accompanied by this one:

Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.


There was a time when there were so many christian-themed books i was wanting to read that i used to say that Terry Pratchett was my ‘guilty pleasure’ in terms of being the only fiction novelist i would clear…

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