An insightful series of articles by @ClydeRathbone – Professional Sports Stars are just People

I have relatively recently followed Clyde Rathbone on twitter.

In this short time I have been struck by the insight provided by his perspective, on both professional sport and life, as a professional sportsman himself but more importantly as someone who challenges accepted norms.

In this series of articles he addresses the current news item regards Carmichael Hunt and recreational drugs.

Some background read/review these links before the main article below.

Public hysteria betrays irrational view of drugs

The interviews he gave last week regarding the illicit drug scandal.

The article that inspired my blog post.

Athletes are just people, so why expect them to be role models?

My own preconceived notions have been challenged by this and other articles written or shared by Clyde. i hope yours have will be too.

If you found any of the above interesting, see below for more from Clyde that may interest you.

Or – Follow him on twitter @ClydeRathbone for regular updates.

David Pocock’s principles even more important than his on-field skills


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