#SuperBru #superrugby for Charity – 3 Days to go – Please join me

Rugby with a concience!!

Following some inspiration I am running a SuperRugby Predictor Pool on Superbru with the aim of raising some money for two worthy causes by giving you the opportunity to win some cash and significant bragging rights by coming top in the group and taking the main prize in the pot.

Get involved by joing Superbru if you are not already a member. You will need to put up Aus$20 as soon as you can to be part of the prize pot ( or equivalent where you are e.g. £10 as the rate is headed that way! ) and for all those who join I will get in touch with details.

The Pool is called Shamwari – just click here:


Pool name: Shamwari
Pool code: sunsnags

Half the pot is shared between the two charities below at the end of the comp. Both are doing special things for those less fortunate that each of us in both South Africa And Zimbabwe. Do you sense a theme…

The other half of the pot will be shared between the winners as follows – I have kept it simple as no dout chasing you lot up for the cash will ne more important than debating the split!.

1st = 50%
2nd =30%
3rd = 20%

Charities being supported:


Set up by David Pocock – Eighty twenty Vision is a non-profit organisation that assists communities in Zimbabwe in becoming self-sufficient.




The aim of the GRCT is to alleviate poverty amongst children in South Africa through the provision of food and education. Nourishing the bodies and minds of children in need gives them a good, healthy foundation on which to build, and helps them to learn to look after themselves and their families.


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