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Over the past year, many of you have tweeted, emailed and asked us in person what’s happened to The Fetch email digests. It’s incredible to see questions still regularly pour in – even after the extended publishing break.

The reality is producing a detailed weekly guide, especially in many cities, takes a lot of time and effort. We powered on with the goodwill of people and hacked together primitive processes for as long as could. Now, what we really need is a community product so we can spend less time producing The Fetch – and more time on curating quality content and events for you.

This is why we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to see if you, our dear subscribers, want us to build it. This is your chance to see the return of The Fetch as a way to discover professional events in your city.

Read on below for more info or head straight to the project’s page on Kickstarter. We’re raising $25K and have close to 50 backers so far.

We’d love and be grateful for your support in Perth.

Thank you!

Introducing the Kickstarter campaign…

Over 70 people from all over the globe have applied to bring The Fetch to their city. With the right tools and community product, we’ll be able to ‘open source’ the platform – allowing whoever wants to curate a ‘fetch’ in their city the ability do so. We’d like to be in the 30 cities above.


Real connection comes through face-to-face interaction. This is why events are important. We want to cover more industry verticals, to complement creative, tech and business.


Over 140 volunteer curators and ambassadors have been involved in The Fetch over the past three years. We want to make their lives easier via a faster and more enjoyable experience.


A tech product will save 20 hours a week that we currently spend producing the emails. It will also allow you to customize The Fetch to your tastes and access event feeds in real-time.

“Part of a community-driven platform is that it should be up to the community to see it succeed if it is useful.” ~ read more here

Pledge $25

Receive a Jauntful printed city guide with our local recommendations in MEL, SYD, NYC, SF or LDN.

Pledge $50

Become a premium user and receive behind-the-scenes access and event offers, including admin privileges.


Business or event organiser? Gain special exposure to a talented and active community for one year.

Want to pledge another amount? Check out the other backer options here.

Why your help is important:

If you’ve ever found The Fetch event curation useful – this is your one and only chance to see it exist and evolve into something even more dependable.

We are 10% funded with 22 days to go. Please help spread the #fetchlove.

Black diamond (cards) Black diamond (cards)
Founded in Melbourne, Australia.
Curated with love in Brooklyn, NY.

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