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Amazing news: one of the world’s biggest investors in coal has decided the risks of development in and near the Reef are just too great.

“It’s a huge issue potentially for any company operating in the Great Barrier Reef if there is a failure of management systems from an environmental perspective,” Pru Bennett from BlackRock told the news outlet Bloomberg.

“The reputational damage that could be done, and the potential to lose that social license to operate, is very high.”

Whenever you think the action you take doesn’t make a difference, go back and read this again.

You and the tens of thousands of other Fight for the Reef supporters like you have been a game changer for the protection of the Reef. BlackRock is the latest and largest investor to recognise business as usual is over.

Now it’s vital we also get the Australian government to stop giving special treatment to the mining industry.

Last week marked an important step forward – I delivered stories from hundreds of Reef supporters to our Parliament in Canberra.

Joined by concerned Reef tourism operators Tony Fontes and Tony Brown, we met with Members and Senators in Canberra and handed over a beautiful book featuring their stories and images.

We took these special moments to our political leaders so we can clearly show them why we love the Reef – and why it’s their job to make sure it’s protected.

You can read through the stories of hundreds of passionate Australians just like you here.

I believe this book marks an historic turning point for better protection for the Reef, not a timeless reminder of a world treasure lost.

This week has also shown how much we can achieve when we work hard together – and keep up the good fight.

Thank you for being a part of it.

Felicity Wishart
On behalf of the Fight for the Reef team

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