Save elephants #doyourbit

Tania, a lone elephant, with only concrete to kill her, submissively kneels in submission at a Romanian zoo.
Please use our cover photo to share to help her. 

Ask the EAZA to transfer her.
Ask why the EAZA has allowed this to happen as this zoo is not obeying their rules. 

Email your Romanian Ambassador to allow transfer: 
http:// embassies-of/romania 
Click See More for more ways to help Tania …

Please email this photo url/link to the 
The Independent Times uk 
Their Fb page is here: 
Or fill out the Daily Mail form here

Our Photo link to copy & paste to send to media:
The photo and all it Shares and Comments will show the News Room there is great interest in this elephant. 

The petition for Tania:

Email the European Commission.
Attention: Ion Codescu, Head of Enforcement.
To File a Complaint with the European Commission go to this link

Tania was reported not to get along with the other elephants she had lived with. They were trained to do tricks in La Cornelle Zoo, Italy. She is at the Zoo Targu-Mures whose director thinks she is just fine. We need to tell other authorities and most importantly the media otherwise. What is curious about the photo is why she is allowed to be so close to this keeper, unless he intends to use his shovel if she goes after him. By forcing her into this position and the lack of foot care, the zoo does not know how to take care of her. Tania has had anger issues in the past, and who could blame her, and is one reason she was transferred to Romania and is alone is the concrete prison. All of this is completely unacceptable. 



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