Fund raising, Hair raising, side splitting, madness! #runphatboysrun

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I recently decided that a bout of goal focused exercise was the only way to ensure that I stuck to a training regime and improved my fitness. In the back of my mind I had also wanted to raise some money for the highly deserving charities below [of which there are many out there] which are important to my family and me.

The challenge: 

Complete three 10km runs (with multiple obstacles) over three weekends as part of the Men’s Health challenge – Survival of the fittest.

See examples of everyone's favourite obstacles here

The runs are in Cardiff, Edinburgh and London on 7th Oct, 14th Oct and 17th Nov respectively. 

My training has been hampered by a dodgy knee, but I am inspired by the challenge, and more importantly by raising funds for the charities below, as well as the fact I am running with three brothers whom I went to high school with in Zimbabwe who are based near the three locations above.

I will endeavour to provide updates on my progress here.

The Charities – Choose one or choose them all. Make a difference

Just children Foundation – Zimbabwe – my home

A faith based organisation that looks after needy children from all walks of life. (Take a moment to learn about the shocking stories and amazing strength of the little children)

Donate in the UK


The Zach Foundation – South Africa – set up by a friend of mine in honour of his son

A non-profit organization formed by a group of people dedicated to providing the best medical treatment possible for Zach Guymer and other kids affected by Cancer. (Zach sadly passed away. His family and friends continue to fight for a cause they believe deeply in.)

Donate Online (credit card)


Garden Route Children’s Trust – set up by very good family friends

You can support them from the comfort of your own home. Follow this initiative below and spread the word.

The latest GRCT initiative, is the brainchild of Ali Fleming, one of our trustees, and is something that old and young can participate in. We think it’s a great idea that is in accord with the GRCT’s philosophy of feeding children there while building community here.

What we are asking supporters and friends to do, is to host a dinner/coffee morning/tea party/lunch  and ask your guests to give a £5 (or more if they wish) donation to the GRCT.

Patrick and Ali have set up a giving page on BT’s MY DONATE which is operative from today until 31/12/12. So if you can take part, please send your invites ASAP! We have chosen MY DONATE as they do not make any charge to the participating charity.

You could give your friends the link – and they could donate on line.

Another alternative would be for you to collect the monies and do the donating yourself..

Please spread the word and invite your friends who come to your home to do something similar giving them the page details and referring them to me or to Ali should they need further support ( –  

If we had 50 events in homes each making £30(6 guests) we could bring in £1500! Think how many children that could feed.

Please join in if you can. It should be fun while at the same time raising funds and building community.

Do tell us about your involvement with COME DINE WITH GRCT; we would love to have photos for our newsletter and/or website.

And if you are a Facebooker or Tweeter, please tell others about the event!

Warm Regards

Penny Fleming (GRCT Chairperson)


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