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via Super Fit and Super Food by Kathleen Fleming on 9/12/12

Surfing is my new favourite activity and it is an awesome full body workout! If you love being outdoors and hate the gym then surfing is a great way to get fit and tone your bod. Surfing is so much fun that you normally forget about the fact that you are giving yourself a great workout. Below I have listed some of the benefits of surfing: * Good cardio exercise * Toned arms from paddling * Strong core and a flat tummy from balancing on your board in the water * Strong upper back from paddling * Improved balance * Walking and swimming against currents in the sea strengthens and tones your whole body * Salt water clears your sinuses * The fresh air is good for your skin * Vitamin D from the sunshine (if you are lucky to surf somewhere sunny!) As well as all the physical health benefits, surfing is fun and exciting and helps people switch off from stressful, busy lives. Tests have shown that being close to nature, helps people unwind and is good for calming our mind. Surfing is also sociable and you end up meeting lots of people in the ocean and on the beach. The combination of physical and emotional benefits makes surfing an ideal activity for keeping happy and healthy! If you fancy learning to surf there are loads of surf schools all over the world. As a starting point, there are good waves for beginners in North Devon and Cornwall and further afield consider Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Australia and South Africa. So get surfing the internet to find your way to the surf! Namaste from Nicaragua x


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