@ on the mound (lawned area),

 Borrowdale Race Course


Limited VIP tickets available $25

(tent, seating, private bar, good toilets, secure parking).

Contact: 0772-238715 or 0712-601107.


It's summer and it's getting hot and so is Rock Down Harare !


It’s our 8th year, and this is the hottest line up we've ever put together.  

Our guest stars are HOLLY AND THE WOODS, one of SA hottest rock band.    After sometime in the studio, this band are BACK, with the release of their new album, they are sizzling hot and scorching their way through the SA music scene.  Currently playing to packed houses, a great new rock sound, lead vocalist Melissa WILL blow you away !


On the local scene, we welcome back the ever popular EVICTED (who are headlining the local line up at Falls Fest) and RYAN KORYIA, with his new band.   We also introduce you to local sensation MAKOOMBA of HIFA fame, who have just returned to Harare from a very successful tour of Europe.   This six piece band, take afro-fusion to new heights and have an energetic on-stage performance that will take your breath away and have you dancing well past midnight.


Our line would not be complete without, something for lovers of classic rock, so get ready for the OLD SKOOL SOUND BANK, who will have you bopping to your old rock favourites.  Last but not least and in our opening slot, we introduce WASTED YOUTH, some young and raw talent, they will wow you with their first single WHY.  


Don't miss your chance to see the best of our musical talent, playing with SA's best !







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