Queensland Flood Damage – ZIM Family in need – Please help!

Hi Everyone
Liz has made a website for you to monitor the progress of the re build fund. Just click on the link below.
Some folk have asked we tell Paul & Robin, but not publish their name. we have then entered "friend"
Dear Friends
Our close friends Paul & Robin Friedrichs and family lived in Murphys Creek near Toowoomba until Monday afternoon. A huge flood hit their home and the home is damaged beyond repair. (see attached pics)
Fortunately they are all OK.
We are all at a loss as what to do, as it is not covered by insurance. The situation now is, they have a mortgage and no home.
Very kind friends have put them up, and their many animals have been billeted out amongst friends.
Today,Gordon Kent & I opened a bank account for them and ask you consider a donation. We appreciate it is not always easy to help financially, and many people have already helped in so many ways. Don't be embarrassed if you are not in a position to give money, because I am working on a plan that involves light duties to raise money also!! (see below)
Our goal is to raise $250,000 to build a new home on higher ground on their block. (10 acres).  Please understand that this will not put them in a better position financially than they were before the flood, but will put them back into almost the same position.
They have contents cover but it seems it will not be covered by floods.  the Government may assist, but it is unknown to what extent and probably will not go far, considering the huge loss.
We intend to create a website to inform people of our progress in raising funds. Meantime I will email you on a regular basis with the progress. (If you do not wish to get further emails please reply with unsubscribe in the subject line and I will remove your details immediately.)
This is a family that is always helping others, and most reluctant to accept charity, but they urgently need help and have to start again.
A few months ago they started a small family business from home, roasting specialised coffee beans. Fortunately the coffee roaster and beans were in a big shed on high ground and unaffected by the flood.
I have suggested we market a blend of roasted coffee beans called "Flood Coffee" (or similar name) to raise money for the new home. We will keep you informed as to when the first beans are available. All profit from this line will be applied to the new house until the $250,000 goal has been reached.
Perhaps you could help with this project if your finances are not up to a donation. Maybe you could help man a stall at the markets, or help pack roasted coffee beans, etc.  Please email me and register your availability if you could help in some way. Perhaps marketing?
We propose a website where orders can be placed on line for the coffee.
So in essence, we have 2 projects.
1)  Immediate request for donations
2)  Roasted Coffee Bean sales… delivered to you soon!!.
Thanks for reading this email. Below are the bank details for donations.
I strongly recommend you email or phone me (0407 979 252 anytime)  to inform me of your donation. Furthermore, I ask you to allow me to publish your name online with the donation amount. This may seem embarrassing, but I honestly think it will encourage others to give when they see their friends and others making a sacrifice. Obviously we would appreciate anonymous donations, but it would be more like a TV telethon where people are encouraged by the donation of others. Also Paul and Robin will know who give the biggest hugs to, but truly, $5 or $10 donation will qualify for a hug!!
To assure you our heart is in this, Liz and I have donated $1,000 towards their new home to kick things off.  
Account name:  PRF House Fund
Bank of Queensland   BSB:124149      Account: 21557354
Licensee Stan Edwards
809 Ruthven Street Toowoomba QLD 3450
Phone 07 4613 6601
Fax 07 4687 7390
Stan Mobile  0407 979 252 anytime



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