Runkeeper users out there – Introducing heart rate monitoring and more!

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Introducing heart rate monitoring and more!
It's been an exciting start to the new year here at RunKeeper! First, we announced that you can download RunKeeper Pro for Android through the end of January; now, we're bringing you new features to take your fitness tracking to the next level. Thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts and feedback with us. We hope this is additional evidence that we take your input very seriously! Here's to happiness and good health in 2011.
   – Jason
       RunKeeper CEO
We're excited to bring you the following new features:

Heart Rate Monitoring

RunKeeper is teaming with the Polar WearLink®+ transmitter with Bluetooth® for Android to provide real-time heart rate data straight to the RunKeeper app on your mobile device.

Selective Activity and Map Sharing

Now you can set your activity and maps viewing options to just your street teammates!

Manual Activity Entry

You can now enter workouts you do on the treadmill or other gym cardio equipment in the mobile app using the new manual entry input type. Now you can log all your workouts, not just the ones you track with GPS.

Download RunKeeper Pro for Android Now!


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