This Is, Quite Possibly, The Saddest Story Of The Year – and YOU can give it a happy ending………

Please read this story and then choose to make a difference – this will not cost a penny
Now I realise the story is from the US which may not be local to us all, but the same story is being repeated near you whether you have read it it or not.
Take a moment when you get home to see if you have anything you no longer need. Toys or Clothes or anything will do….
Have a look through this link for some inspiration on places to drop of the thing you find and help to make this Christmas that little bit better for someone who could really do with a helping hand. If you are not based n the UK like me, then hopefully you can find the best place to make a donation of  your things or even your time….
Thanks you for reading this far. Please pass this on to friends and family and make a positive change in the lives of others……
Gareth Lee-Bell
M: 07787556275

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