Help an aspiring Author get published – 5 minutes will make a world of difference

Dear all
Please take 5 minutes to follow the instructions below make a world off difference to an aspiring author with a fantastic story to tell. Please pass this on.
This bit of support will honestly only take you all of about 5min, and once you have registered with the site, you won't get hassled with loads of spam either.
Go to
Search for 'I Am Ben' or BJ Otto
On the right had side of the screen you will get 4 options: read the book, back the book, comment on the book, add to watchlist.
The important ones of these are to 'comment' and 'back the book'. 
On some of the screens you may actually get the option to rate the book as well (star rating) this will be a huge help too.
This is an opportunity to make a big difference with a small action….
Gareth Lee-Bell
M: 07787556275

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